Executive Health

Executive Health Services

How healthy is your office?

All Medicals and Physicals offers a variety of Executive Health services for your workplace. Health Assessments, specialized Medicals and more can be  customized for your office’s needs.

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Express Corporate Health Checks

Express Health Checks

All Medicals and Physicals offers an Express Health Check on your premises to minimize your employees disruption from their work day. With this small assessment we can give you an idea of the health status of each employee with recommendations to keep them healthy and performing at 100%.

Executive Health Assessment

Executive Health Assessment

Our comprehensive executive medical assessment is a full analysis of your Executive Employee’s current health status and possible risk factors, often finding health problems unknown to the client.  Our doctor then designs a lifestyle change with other health professionals to obtain the most positive outcome.

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Staying Alive Program

By using advanced screening technologies based on genetic testing and risk factors, The Staying Alive Program is a one of a kind, personalized health screening program aimed to detect diseases before any symptoms surface and irreparable damage occurs.