All Medicals and Physicals – Services

Below is a listing of the medical services offered by All Medicals and Physicals. Click on the tiles for more information.


Aviation Medicals

Aviation Medicine, also called flight medicine or aerospace medicine, is a preventive or occupational medicine in which the patients/subjects are pilots, aircrews, or persons involved in spaceflight.


Pre-Employment Medicals

Pre-employment or company medicals are now integral components of any injury prevention solution. Pre-employment medicals are very useful in minimizing incidents and severity of injuries in your workplace.


Mining & Coal Board Medicals

We provide pre-employment, pre-project medicals with the mining industry being our specialty area. Any associated travel advice and vaccinations supplied as required.


Insurance Medicals

Many insurance companies require a full medical examination prior to granting life and health insurance policies.


Travel Medicine

Travel vaccinations, immunisations, Malaria and Gastro protection, and First Aid kits are available onsite. we provide a complete range of travel vaccinations and health care to individuals, families & corporate professionals.


Visa Medicals

People travelling to Papua New Guinea (PNG), China or Saudi Arabia for work or leisure purposes need to undergo a medical examination for visa purposes.


Dive Medicals

Visit our practice to be assessed for diving medicals. Divers require a certificate of fitness before entering the water. This medical involves a full consultation with the doctor.


Norwegian Maritime Medicals

For Seafarers to be employed under the Norwegian Maritime Authority.


CAMS Racing Medicals

Required for any person under the age of 45 obtaining an operators licence for motor racing. Any driver over the age of 45 must renew this medical every two years.


Hazardous Chemical Medicals

Legislation requires employees working with Hazardous Chemicals be part of a regular Health Monitoring Program


Additional Testing

Additional testing can be arranged at our clinic. Pathology, radiology and specialist services are available.


Executive Health

Our program offers a full analysis of employees’ current health status and possible risk factors. By identifying a health concern before it becomes problematic we can perform lifestyle alterations and preventive medical action.