Travel Medicine

Travel Medicine

Travel preparation services and medications are available, with vaccination certificates and comprehensive travel records available.

Travel vaccinations, first aid kits, and Malaria and Gastro protection are available on-site. We provide a complete range of travel vaccinations and health care services to individuals, families & corporate professionals.

The doctors have years of experience in Travel medicine and are a fully recognised vaccination centre, with the ability to provide a detailed list of travel requirements for each location – all the latest information and advice.

  • In-Surgery Flu Vaccinations
  • In-Surgery Hepatitis B and Tetanus Vaccinations
  • Licensed Yellow Fever vaccination centre

Make an appointment for a basic health check-up at least six to eight weeks before you depart to find out if any vaccinations or further health checks are required for your destination.

It is important that you discuss your travel plans with the doctor to ensure you have the correct vaccinations for your trip and any booster doses of childhood vaccinations that you may need. Some insurance companies will not cover you if you get sick overseas and you have not had all your required vaccines.

Please Contact Drs reception to book an appointment in advance to avoid delays.