Find out more about the Executive Health Medicals we offer. You can find information for employers and employees on this FAQ page.

  • Information for Employees

  • Information for Employers

  • Information for Employees

    1. What should I bring to my appointment, and is there anything special I need to do prior to the appointment?

    You will need to bring the following with you to your assessment:

    • Photo identification
    • Glasses, contact lenses or hearing aides
    • Details of your medications along with the details of the Doctor who prescribes them to you
    • Details of any medical conditions that may affect the outcome of your assessment

    You will need to do the following prior to your assessment:

    • Drink enough water to be able to provide a urine sample, but no more than 300 mL per hour
    • Do not expose yourself to increased noise levels 16 hours prior to assessment (ie music, machinery, airplanes etc)
    • Wear comfortable clothing you could exercise in

    2. When will my results and paperwork be completed?

    For a basic medical in which no pathology or radiology tests are requested, your results will be available the same day. Should you require some pathology testing (e.g. laboratory drug screening, or blood tests etc) or radiology testing (e.g. X-ray etc) your results will take a minimum of 24 hours, and can take up to 5 business days for advanced testing. The best way to get proper time frame is to contact the doctors reception, tell them what testing you need and they can advise you on a case by case basis.

    3. Can I have a copy of my medical paperwork and results?

    If you are paying for the medical yourself, then the results belong to you and you can have the originals. If the medical is paid for by your employer, then the results belong to them and you would have to ask your employer to give you a copy of them.

    4.  Can you charge my company, or will I have to pay for the medical on the day?

    We can charge your company if you bring your company contact details and the details of the person we will be sending the account to. Just be aware that we will not release the results until the payment has cleared. Also remember that if your company pays, the medical and results belong to them.

    5.  How long will the appointment take?

    Each type of medical is different, requires different testing and different lengths of time. Our basic medical takes approximately one hour for paperwork, nursing time and doctor time. Should your medical require any fitness testing, pathology testing or radiology testing add approximately 40 mins on for each. The best way to know the exact length of your appointment is to contact the staff at All Medicals and Physicals, tell them what testing your require and they can advise you on the exact length of your appointment.

    Information for Employers

    1.  Why choose These Doctors?

    They have extensive experience in all types of medicals and have a fast turn around time of accurate paperwork. We can almost always offer a same day appointments for last minute bookings. If possible, paperwork can go same day for a simple medical.

    Doctors have extensive experience , testing available on site; are centrally located in the Brisbane CBD . Clients also have access to every type of specialist or testing facility within walking distance. They offer a full medical services.

    2.  What are my billing options?

    For new clients, we will require payment before results are released. Your employee will attend the appointment and we will send out an invoice directly after, results will be sent immediately upon receipt of payment either by fax, email or post.

    Should you become a regular client we would be happy to set up an account for you, and will require payment within 7 days from appointment. Results will be sent out immediately after your employee’s appointment.

    3.  Who gets medical results?

    Candidates are required to sign a release of information consent form, so Drs can legally provide you (the employer) with the necessary paperwork. If the company is paying for the medical then they are the owner of the medical results and if your employee requests a copy they must have your permission. If they employee is paying for their own medical, they will be given the original documents, and with their permission we will send a copy to the employer as well.

    4.  Why should my employees have pre employment medical screening?

    Last year there were 127 355 serious claims to workers compensation, median payments for women were $7400 and $8500 for men.

    By having your employee’s complete mandatory pre employment screening and identify if they are actually fit to perform the duties they are required to, you can save yourself countless amounts of money in compensation related expenses.

    5.  Why should I send my executives for medical screening?

    Executives can be exposed to sedentary lifestyle by working in a busy office, which can be dangerous to the cardiovascular or metabolic systems. By doing yearly or biyearly full medical checks, we can identify life threatening disease before they become a major health problem and save your executives from taking extensive sick leave from work.

    Why not keep your executives healthy and more productive at work by ensuring they have regular health check ups.